Illustrating different facets of modeling:


LinkGraphing Stories

LinkTasty / Easy Graph


Illustrating the process of “developing the question”:

LinkDandy Candies


LinkDeveloping the Question

1. Create an informal graph with no units. That might be fun for students to fill out. That might express their personhood. Fill it out yourself ten data points.

2. Create and send in a 15 second video. Choose the y-axis. Graph your y-axis over time.

Send all of this, with team names, to

Our Sketchy Graphs

fileNausea v. Spin

fileLevel of Fun v. Density

fileCrunchy v. Sweet

fileEffective v. Difficult

fileGreat v. Scary

fileFun v. Easy

fileHealthy v. Expensive

fileFun v. Effort

fileFun v. Energy